What Our Customers are Saying

John Arnold

Installed in Pleasure Way RV-The most obvious difference is that appliances stay happy all night! Compared with lead acid where lights dim, no longer can start TV or DVD player goes on the fritz.

Martin Greer

All I can say is “Wow!!!” I own the JumpBox V6 Pro 400 and the JumpBox V8 Pro 1000. Both of them are incredible products. Period. This little thing is remarkable. The JumpBox V6 Pro 400 is one of the coolest “must-haves” I’ve seen. It redefines the term “two-for” device.

Online Customer

I can’t say enough good things about this JumpBox V8 Pro. I’ve jump started quite a few cars, and everyone I help asks what I am using to start their vehicles.

Last night I was in a parking lot, and there was a guy in a truck, revving his engine. I walked over and they had the battery cables hooked up, attempting to start a car. It was a futile attempt. I walked over with this small black box, hooked up the cables, turned the V8 Pro 600 on, and told the driver to start the car. The car started right away, first time.

Alex Choi

Purchased the 12V125 Deep Cycle battery several months ago for use in a portable solar battery box to take on long camping trips. This battery powers 4 USB ports, 3 12v accessory ports, and a 600w pure sine wave inverter without missing a beat.

The battery weighs less than half as much as my old lead acid battery making it ideal for taking camping. Highly recommend this product.