Charger Buying Guide

What Charger should I use?

Selecting the optimal charger will ensure the battery best meets your needs. Using a normal (slow) charge rate will keep your battery cooler and ensure you get the longest battery life possible. Fast charging is an option when you have need for low downtime from your battery at the potential cost of battery longevity. Our patented internal battery mangement system will ensure the proper voltage is applied to each cell in the battery. Our 12 volt Lithium iron phosphate batteries can utilize a charge up to 14.6 volts versus lead batteries that have a maximum of 13.8 volts. Our 24 volt batteries can utilize a charge up to 28.9 volts maximum and our 48 volt batteries can utilize 58.4 volts maximum. If you use a standard lead acid battery charger for your StarkPower deep cycle battery, ensure it does not have a “desulfate” mode.

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For Your Convenience
Each battery product page includes the slow and fast chargers we recommend as “Frequently Bought Together” items. Just check the box for the charger you want and add both the battery and recommended charger(s) to your cart.