Deep Cycle Buying Guide

About our Deep Cycle Batteries

StarkPower Lithium iron phosphate batteries not only have high capacity, but can deliver high power. They can be used as storage cells or power sources. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have an exceptional battery life with up to 3000 cycles and up to a 10 year shelf life.

StarkPower’s lithium-ion deep cycle battery line are the ultimate in weight versus power technology. This is a drop in replacement for your Lead-acid battery, and will require no change to your existing system. It can be placed in scooters, wheelchairs, UPS Backups, photography or anything that uses a sealed lead acid battery.

LifePO4 contains no poisonous lead, no acid, and does not create gasses during charging like traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate batteries are also extremely lightweight, have a much lower self-discharge, do not sulfate and are environmentally friendly.

StarkPower “DEEP CYCLE” Models have a Battery Management System (BMS.) BMS monitors the key operational parameters during charging and discharging such as voltages, currents and internal temperatures.

What Deep Cycle Battery Should I Buy?

StarkPower Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to be a drop in replacement for lead acid batteries. Be sure to match the size, voltage and ensure you have enough amp-hours to meet your needs.

There are three main objectives common to all Battery Management Systems (BMS):

  • Protect the cells in the battery from damage through overcharging or discharging too low.
  • Prolong the life of the battery with cell balancing.
  • Maintain the battery in a safe operating state.

Because of their lightweight, safety, excellent thermal stability, long life, advanced electrochemical properties as well a very high specific energy density; StarkPower’s Lithium Phosphate batteries are the best choice to replace lead acid batteries. Dimensions equal to the standard battery for direct replace.

12V 100Ah Lithium-Ion Battery equals the performance of a 12V 400Ah lead acid when using 1hr discharge rate and lower depth of discharge with longer life!

StarkPower Deep Cycle Batteries have the following integrated safety features:

  • Internal overcharge protection.
  • Internal low voltage protection.
  • Internal short circuit protection.
  • Internal cell balancing.
  • Auto Restart function.
  • No presence of toxic substances
For Your Convenience
Each battery product page includes the slow and fast chargers we recommend as “Frequently Bought Together” items. Just check the box for the charger you want and add both the battery and recommended charger(s) to your cart.
StarkPower’s “DEEP CYCLE” batteries are to be used for energy storage applications and NOT for engine starting applications with batteries under 20Ah. Do NOT use with high current applications! ONLY 12V 50Ah, 80Ah, and 100Ah can be used for small engine starting applications.

Max 4 packs in series for 48V systems only with individual 12V chargers on each battery.
Unlimited packs in parallel at 12V . ONLY 12V 50Ah, 80Ah, and 100Ah can be used for engine starting applications.

Deep Cycle Batteries: (BMS, Cell Balancing, Voltage Cut-OFF Protection)

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