StarkPower, incorporated in Charlotte, NC in 2007 initially as a provider of technical services in the field of lithium-ion batteries, and later as a premier provider of advanced technology in the field of intelligent energy storage, energy management and systems integration as well as engine starting applications. Combining the most recent efficient lithium-ion cell chemistries with proprietary Battery Management Systems (BMS), StarkPower provides innovative energy storage and engine starting solutions for consumer, industrial and specialty applications.


Lithium-ion batteries weigh up to 80% less than lead-acid batteries and last up to six times longer. In the last few years, the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries has gained adequate power density, meeting the most demanding requirements.
Lithium-ion batteries also have a long shelf life giving you a higher number of discharge cycles than traditional batteries.


Stark Power has developed an innovative battery management systems (BMS) that provides the performance and safety you deserve. We draw on a resource of different technologies to provide the best solution for different systems..


Our staff of engineering specialists can provide a broad spectrum of expertise. Whether the solution requires high-level systems design and packaging or deeply embedded systems development Stark Power can competently meet every need.


Lithium-ion batteries provide a more sustainable environment because they reduce the total carbon footprint. This is due to being maintenance free and requiring significantly fewer replacement batteries for your application.