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12 Volt 100Ah Battery



LiFePO4 Chemistry

  • Direct drop in replacement for your Lead-acid, AGM & Gel battery systems
  • One-fifth the weight and two to four times the service life of a traditional battery
  • Great for off grid systems, marine, golf carts, RVs, UPS systems, solar energy storage
  • Patented Battery Management System (BMS) with power terminal cut-off and recovery, cell balancing and low voltage/over voltage protection, short-circuit protection
  • Patented standby and Auto-start modes to increase battery life
  • 100% depth of discharge (DOD) for consistent, reliable power output
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Stark deep cycle battery 12v 100ah
+12v lifepo charger 30a+
Price for all three:   $1,269.00

Product Description

StarkPower Deep Cycle 12V100-EP has 12 volts and a 100Ah capacity and is perfect for powering your deep cycle systems. StarkPower Deep Cycle has an internal microprocessor controlled battery management system (BMS) that monitors the key operational parameters during charging and discharging, such as voltages, currents and internal temperatures. Easy drop-in replacement solution for antiquated lead-acid battery system with no modifications necessary.

Built for Long Lasting Reliable Power
StarkPower prides themselves on being at the forefront of innovations in the deep cycle battery category. The StarkPower Deep Cycle Battery has a cycle life of 3,000 cycles or about 10 calendar years. Our lithium-ion batteries have a usable capacity of 99% compared to 50-60% for traditional lead-acid batteries]. StarkPower Deep Cycle batteries function in the widest range of temperatures (from -22˚F to +140 ˚F.)

Product Specifications
The StarkPower Deep Cycle line has the best weight to power ratio on the market. At 12.4” (L) x 6.5 (W) x 8.5” (H) and weighing only 30.0 lbs., the StarkPower Deep Cycle 12V100-EP has the best size to power ratio of any deep cycle battery on the market. Connectors: 5/16 UNC Threads allow the battery to be installed in any direction unlike lead-acid batteries which are fixed. StarkPower Deep Cycle Batteries self-discharge rate per month is between 1-3% compared to lead-acid batteries which are about 30%. Max charge voltage is 14.6V and the discharge cut-off voltage is 10.5V. Max charge current is 50A and max discharge current is 100A / 350A(3s). Can be charged with solar chargers. Can be charged with most traditional lead-acid chargers that do not have “Desulfate” mode, provided the current levels do not exceed lithium battery charge specification.

3 reviews for 12 Volt 100Ah Battery

  1. 5 out of 5

    Got this within the first week of ordering the battery, Thanks Stark Power!!. Installed it into my travel trailer and measured 13.2 VDC before putting it on heavy load. I then fired up the heater (just the air blower), ran the water pump continuously with the kitchen faucet open, cranked the radio up, turned all the lights (6 lights, LED’s) on and plugged in my cell phone . With the water pump cycling on and off, the voltage on the meter flickered between 13.2 and 12.7 and my cell phone kept charging, the LED lights dimmed a little (Not as bad as with the lead acid battery would do under that load). Before with the lead acid battery, the phone charging state would flicker on and off in heavy load conditions. I’ll submit more reviews as time goes on, but this thing kicked butt right out of the box. By the way I was on the fence for a while about this, but am loving it so far, the drop in price for the 100 amp hour battery is what got me off the fence. Craftsmanship of the housing was solid, If you dropped it on concrete it would probably break, just don’t do that. On the contrary, dropping a lead acid battery would break the concrete. Battery terminals were easy to unscrew and screw in during installation. I’m looking forward to testing this bad boy at heavy load on my next camping trip as well as seeing how fast it will charge verse the lead acid batteries. This is my first lithium battery, look forward to see how it does over the years.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Installed in Pleasure Way RV-The most obvious difference is that appliances stay happy all night! Compare with lead acid where lights dim, no longer can start Onan, TV or DVD player goes on the fritz when voltage drops. I managed to shoehorn a 100 amp hour battery to replace stock 75 amp hour. I have wired in accessory volt meter which serves as less than perfect way to see how full battery is.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Ordered one of these to replace the 2 – 6v lead acid coach batteries in my Itasca Navion Sprinter-based RV. This was a straight forward, drop-in install…. I have a marine-style refrigerator(compressor vs. propane) and an Espar heating system. Both would get a bit rough in operation as the voltage dropped off.. with the tests I have run so far, this new battery remains in the 13vdc area thru 60% of its discharge… I have not taken it below that yet… the big test will be winter operation, when it is really cold… I have a Xantrex LinkLITE Battery Monitor so I can monitor how this battery is doing over time… if this battery continues to perform as expected, I will most probably purchase a second one to increase my capacity and dry-camping times…

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